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Innovative Offerings:

SWAT Maps:

​Soil, water and topography (SWAT) MAPS combine multiple layers of field data into a single map for zone management and variable-rate fertilizer and seed.

​XiteBio Technologies:

Is passionate about providing the next generation of ‘go-green’ inoculants and biologicals to the farm and making a difference in the field of agriculture.  The XiteBio team is working hard towards creating innovative and cost-effective products that add greater profitability to farmers’ bottom lines.

SWAT Records:

SWAT RECORDS software runs the entire SWAT ECOSYSTEM.  It delivers an accurate picture of your farm at all times. A digital tool that is available for your mobile device helps keep track of what is going on on your farm day to day. Capture data, schedule tasks and share product recommendations with your team, to make timely decisions when they matter most.

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