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About Us


Roger Barron, RT (Ag), CCA - Owner Agronomist

Roger Barron is the founder and Owner Agronomist of ENtegrity Ag Solutions.  He focuses on Seed and Agronomy in the field alongside farmers striving to produce crops in a profitable and sustainable manner.

Roger started his professional career in 1996 out of the University of Saskatchewan, Diploma in Agriculture Program helping a small startup launch herbicide tolerant hybrid canola in western Canada.  He spent 15 years in the corporate environment supporting agricultural products including hybrid canola seed and crop protection products in the field with roles in marketing, research, breeding and sales.  In 2002, as part of the breeding team, Roger won the Golden Harvest Award for the success of InVigor Hybrid Canola and its contributions to the success of Bayer CropScience.  In 2011 he took his strong work ethic and dedication to farm service to an agronomy position with a leading independent agricultural retail working directly with farm customers on all aspects of primary production.  Over 7 seasons as an Agronomist of a progressive agricultural retail he excelled in logistics and agronomy through personalized dedicated customer, farmer service.

In the summer of 2017 Roger focused his work ethic and passion for field service into his own business, ENtegrity Ag Solutions as a Seedsman and Agronomist.   Providing independent agronomy services direct to farmers and as an authorized sales professional for Pioneer Hi-Breed which develops and offers advanced plant genetics.  Pioneer is a company with common values ENtegrity Ag Solutions, focusing on the farmer, they invest aggressively to provide growers with products and services locally adapted to their unique management practices and environments.

Roger believes that through close honest long term relationships we can discover the needs of individual farm operations and bring customized solutions to meet those growing needs.  Roger works toward meeting the needs of his customers and ultimately their families and his.  With his wife of 25 years, Vicki and their two children, Eva and Nate they live in his hometown of Spruce Grove, AB and enjoy spending time at the lake and boating.  Roger values the relationships he has made and is proud of ENtegrity Ag Solutions.  He looks forward to its growing success building existing and new relationships with farmers to produce profitable and sustainable crops.


Eleanor McBain MSc. - Agronomist

Eleanor is a recent graduate of the University of Alberta with a master’s degree in Agriculture.  She grew up on a grain farm near Cremona, AB and first began university in 2010 at the University of Vancouver Island.  Prairie agriculture called her back and she finished her bachelor's degree at the University of Saskatchewan with a major in Crop Science.  During her summers at the U of S, Eleanor worked in small plot crop research and continued her career as a Research Agronomist after graduating.  Her passion for agricultural research led her career to the master’s program at the University of Alberta to work with industry leaders in monitoring and forecasting of Sclerotinia in canola. Upon her recent graduation from the U of A, Eleanor joined ENtegrity Ag Solutions as an Agronomist.  Eleanor would like to bring her education to the field and provide agronomy services directly to farmers. Eleanor has a deep passion for agronomy and will bring a cheerful, thoughtful approach to the farm.  When Eleanor is not in the field, she can be found in the Rocky Mountains hiking, climbing and trail running, catching some waves, windsurfing in nearby lakes, or training for triathlons.

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